Buyers Guide

Buying your 1st set up is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a skater.
We employ only skateboarders so we have every confidence in them and they are the perfect people to advise you .

Avoid buying a cheap toys on sale in your local toy store/supermarket , they are cheap for a reason, the quality is poor and will impede your progression whilst you are learning to skate.

Call in and see us and get as much advice as you can before you make your choice.

For a complete set up you will need a deck , 2 trucks, 4 wheels and 8 bearings.
It is better if you choose your deck 1st.
All our decks are made from 7 plys of Canadian maple wood, or better, and laminated with high resin glue , unlike the “toy” decks that are normally 9 plys of chinese maple , which is very soft and will easily delaminate.

In our store you will to be able to stand on a deck and know that it is right for you . If your board is too big or too small for you it will be hard for you to control when you are just setting out learning to ride.

Decks come in various widths usually starting  from about 7.5 inches . Depending on your foot size , height , weight and what type of skating you want to do will depend on which size deck is most suitable for you.

Generally most standard decks are about the same length , however if you are looking for a set up for a young child then shorter, narrower decks are available , again we will be able to advise you.

Next choose your trucks.
Depending on the width of deck you have chosen will depend on which trucks you need .
Trucks vary in hangar size and we can advise you which size trucks is appropriate for your deck.

The wheels are next , again these come in different sizes and hardness.
Wheels generally start from about 50mm and go up to about 62mm for general skateboarding .
You can get bigger wheels , but they tend to be more for longboards and cruisers.
The hardness of a wheel is measured in durometers , and most modern wheels tend to be around 100A.
Softer wheels offer more grip and are generally used for cruising.

Lastly your bearings.
Bearings are often quoted as being  ABEC rated . Ratings are 1,3,5,7 and 9, there is no official abec 11 rating although there are bearings on the market claiming to be up to this standard. The Abec rating refers to the quality and tolerance of the bearing not necessarily the speed . So don’t be fooled into spending lots of money on bearings , if you look after your bearings they will give you good service.

If you buy a complete set up from us we will give you grip tape and truck bolts for free . We also offer a free assembly service , and you can watch us do this so you can learn how to do it yourself in the future.

We do have a range of pre-assembled boards which offer excellent value for money .
There are many different styles of skateboards street , vert , old skool , cruisers and longboards , if you are unsure which style is for you speak to one of us and we will try and point you in the right direction.

We pride ourselves on being one of the few shops that offer an extensive range of safety equipment including helmets , knee pads , elbow pads and wristguards. We hope you will find something suitable for your needs whether you are a skateboarder , BMX rider, In line blader , Roller Derby or any other extreme sport enthusiast .